Top Eight Reasons You Should Hire A Professional Newborn Photographer

Contemplating if hiring a professional newborn photographer is really necessary? The answer is yes, it is! Below are my top eight reasons why I feel it is absolutely necessary to make the investment in hiring a professional newborn photographer.
1. One chance:


  • They are only this little for a very brief time, believe me! Before you know it, they will have doubled in size and be sitting up and cooing at you. By not hiring a professional photographer, you miss the opportunity to document such a sweet time.

2. Small window of time:


  • Newborn photography is typically done within the first ten days of life as during this time, the newborn is very sleepy and it is easier to work with a sleepy newborn. They are also very flexible during this time, which can allow for those unique newborn shots. If you end up hiring just anyone with a camera and are later not pleased with the finished images, chances are, your baby has already missed the best time period to do the photos.

3. Professional equipment:


  • Professional photographers have invested in expensive professional equipment. In addition to this, they are also very knowledgeable about the best way to use this equipment and can work under any condition and produce consistent, high-quality images. Newborn photographers also have lots of props to produce beautifully unique newborn images that will leave you emotional when you are looking back on them 5-10 years down the road.

4. Safety:


  • Safety is the most important thing and no image is worth compromising the safety of your little one. Professional newborn photographers know exactly how to handle newborns and know how to photograph these fragile babies safely! Professional newborn photographers also know how to produce those unique shots that look surreal when finished.

5. Editing:


  • Professional photographers often use top of the line editing software such as Photoshop or Lightroom to polish their images. Although getting the image right in camera is important, all images can be enhanced with the use of editing software. We also use these programs to help fix skin blemishes that are common with newborns, such as newborn rash, scratches, bruising, and jaundice.

6. Styled:


  • Newborn photographers take many things into account when preparing for a shoot. They use backdrops and props that are going to complement the newborn’s skin tone. They may even incorporate mom or dad’s job into one of the shots by posing the baby with something used by mom or dad in their field. They style your shoot to make it a unique experience. They also take into account things such as room temperature, feedings, lighting, etc. to give you the best experience possible.

7. Details:

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  • Newborn photographers are very detail oriented. They know exactly how they want to pose the newborn and frame the image before they even begin. They pay close attention to lighting and all props used. The newborns are 100% posed, all the way down to their little hands and feet. This means that your final images will call focus straight to your baby and give the viewer a wow-factor!

8. Consistency:


  • It’s true that you can hire someone off Craigslist for say, $100. They may have even photographed a newborn before and have one or two nice shots in their portfolio. The question that you should ask is, can they consistently produce quality images like the ones that interested you? Photographers who specialize in newborn photography can! You will walk away with images that you will be happy with years down the road.

Hiring a professional newborn photographer is an investment! But it’s a once in a lifetime investment that should definitely be considered so that you can remember exactly how small your child was years from now. When you hire a professional newborn photographer, you are guaranteed a good experience with beautiful images to remember your children by. They’re only this little once so make the investment now so you don’t regret not hiring a professional later!